Benefits at Revenue

Employee Benefits



The State of Montana has developed a comprehensive group insurance benefits program including medical plan options with prescription drug and vision exam coverage, dental plan, an employee assistance program (EAP), life insurance options, flexible spending account options, and long term care insurance. The current state contribution covers the cost of your "core" medical, dental and basic life insurance; you may obtain optional coverage for yourself or your eligible dependents at additional costs. A health promotion program designed to reduce overall insurance costs by offering wellness and prevention classes and biannual health screening is also available.


There is no mandatory retirement age for state employees. Membership in the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) is mandatory for most state employees and begins on the first day of employment. Mandatory contributions to PERS are tax deferred and may not be refunded for any reason before termination of covered employment. PERS provides retirement, disability and death benefits to over 27,000 state, school district and local government employees. In addition to PERS, the public employees' retirement division also administers the Game Wardens', Judges', Sheriffs', and Highway Patrol Officers Retirement Systems for eligible state employees.


The State of Montana deferred compensation program is a voluntary supplemental retirement program authorized by Internal Revenue Codes and Montana law. The program allows you to defer, through payroll deduction, specified amounts of current income pre-tax before state or federal taxes are calculated. The amount you defer, and any resulting investment income, is not taxable until you begin receiving the money, usually at retirement.