Income Tax Express

Income Tax Express

Income Tax Express (ITE) is for Individual Income Tax payments only.  You can pay both current and past year individual income taxes and estimated taxes online with an e-check or credit card.  You can use ITE to make your Individual Income Tax payments whether you e-file your tax return or send in a paper tax return.

The total amount you pay when you use a credit or debit card includes a transaction fee. There is no fee for e-checks. ITE is provided by a third party working in partnership with the state of Montana. The price of items purchased through this service includes funds used to develop, maintain, and enhance the state's official web portal, mt.gov.

Use the mobile ready website or download the mobile app by searching for Income Tax Express by NIC Inc in your mobile device's app store.

Using Income Tax Express

Watch ITE demo


Enter your personal information. Enter personal information for the taxpayer, and if applicable, the taxpayer's spouse. Enter the social security numbers and names as they appear on the tax forms.


Enter tax payment information. Enter the tax payment amounts for the payment you are making and select the tax year for the payment. 

  • •  current year tax payment
  • •  extension payment
  • •  estimated payment for the upcoming year
  • •  Statement of Account payment for a bill you received from the department

Payment summary and credit card or e-check information

  • •  The payment summary shows your total tax payment. Check this information to make sure it is correct. If you paid by credit or debit card, it will also show you the fees included in the payment.
  • •  Payment Method: You can choose to pay by credit card or e-check.
  • •  Enter your credit card or banking information.

Payment Information Verification. Review and verify this information. If it is correct, click on "Submit for Payment" to charge your credit or bank account and complete the transaction. If it is incorrect, click on "Edit" to make your changes. Once you've selected the "Submit for Payment" button, payments cannot be canceled. Be sure to review the information you entered before submitting the payment.


Receipt Print this page for your records.