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FTS is a secure method to e-file unclaimed property holder reports.

e-File Holder Reports

•  Create an ePass account

•  Log in to your ePass account

•  Select the "File Transfer Service" option

•  Select "Send a New File(s)." You can submit up to ten files at a time

•  Drag and drop the files for upload into the Upload box


•  Click inside the Upload box to navigate to your files, then select "Open"

•  Select "Continue" to move to the next screen and select the type of property you are reporting (UCH or UCR.) Your files are now in transit.

•  Select "Continue" and you will return to the first screen where you will se the delivery status


Do not encrypt or password protect your submission. File Transfer Services encrypts your file automatically.

Your NAUPA formatted file must be submitted in a plain text (*txt) file format.