Montana Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) Act Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did I receive this letter?

A. We believe you may be enrolled in the Montana Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) Act program through the Department of Health and Human Services. The Department of Revenue also has certain responsibilities to help administer this program and we need additional information from you to do so.

Q. How do I find out if I am enrolled in the Montana HELP program?

A. Please contact the Department of Public Health and Human Services at 1-888-706-1535 or their website http://dphhs.mt.gov/helpplan.

Q. Is the Montana HELP program connected to the Veterans Administration?

A. The Montana HELP program is not connected to the Veterans Administration (VA). If you receive your health care through the VA and are not enrolled in the Montana HELP program, please return your letter stating you are not enrolled.

Q. What is the integrity fee?

A. If you are enrolled in the Montana HELP program, you may have to pay what the law calls an integrity fee. The integrity fee applies to enrollees that have assets exceeding what is described in the next question below.

Q. What amount of assets can I own before the integrity fee may become applicable?

A. Assets cannot exceed:

• A primary residence and attached property valued above $250,000;

• One light vehicle (defined as a motor vehicle commonly referred to as an automobile, van, sport utility vehicle, or truck having a manufacturer's rated capacity of 1 ton or less); and

• Cash or cash equivalents over $50,000 (cash equivalents are defined as cash, including any money issued by the United States or by the sovereign government of another country, and, if reasonably convertible into cash with 1 year:

• personal property, including but not limited to vehicles, precious metal, jewelry, artwork, and gemstones; and

• personal property, including but not limited to certificates of deposit, certificates of stock, government or corporate bonds or notes, promissory notes, licenses, copyrights, patents, trademarks, contracts, software, and franchises).

Q. What if my assets are above the criteria?

A. You may be required to pay a fee of $100 a month plus $4 for each $1,000 in assets above the established amounts.

Addtional Questions?

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