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Business and Income Taxes Division

The Business and Income Taxes Division is responsible for the administration, compliance, collection and valuation of approximately 30 tax types.

These tax types include corporation income, individual income, withholding, combined oil and gas, coal severance, other natural resource taxes, cigarette, retail telecommunications, lodging facilities, other miscellaneous taxes, industrial and centrally assessed property valuation.

Liquor Control Division

The Liquor Distribution Bureau - Manages state wholesale liquor operations, including warehouse shipping and receiving, accounts receivable and payable, inventory management, liquor order processing, agency contract management and customer service.

The Liquor Licensing Bureau - Charged with all licensing and regulatory responsibilities for all entities intending to produce, import, distribute or sell alcoholic beverages in Montana. Liquor licensing processes applications, renewals, transfers and registrations, as applicable, for retail and wholesale alcoholic beverage licenses and permits.

Liquor licensing is responsible for monitoring the activities of existing licenses and permit holders and for providing information and explanation about licensing activity or related law, rule, policy and procedures.

Citizen Services and Resource Management Division

Focuses on providing services to citizens, including the advancement of free electronic filing, and providing support services to the other divisions of the department.

Property Assessment Division

The division is responsible for ensuring that all classes of property in the state are valued uniformly and equally throughout the state. The work of the division is critical to the operation of local governments, since the resulting valuation is used annually to fund important services provided by local government, including public schools, law enforcement, fire protection, road and bridge construction and maintenance, transportation, weed control and public assistance.

The functions of the division are performed by staff located statewide in 4 geographically distinct regions and a management analyst/administrative support bureau in Helena.


The Director’s Office supports the agency’s director and is composed of eight work units: Enterprise Planning and Analysis Office (EPA); The Information Technology Office (ITO); Legal Services; Public Information Office (PIO); Tax Policy and Research; Office of Taxpayer Assistance; The Office of Human Resources; and the Executive Office.