Montana Department of Revenue - Taxpayer Access Point Help

We upgraded our web-based Taxpayer Access Point and changed the name to TransAction Portal (TAP).

It’s the same TAP that you know plus new, user-friendly improvements.

TAP will continue to be an easy, convenient, and secure way for you to conduct business with the department.


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TAP Withholding
E-file W-2s, 1099s and the MW-3 annual wage withholding tax reconciliation

TAP File Upload

Use approved software to submit your employees’ and clients’ W-2s, 1099s and MW-3s with TAP File Upload. Forms 5498 can also be e-filed with TAP File Upload.

Register on TAP to upload W-2, 1099, or Withholding Files

Log in to TAP with your username and password

Select the Account ID link ending in FLE and follow the steps provided

TAP File Upload Instructions and FAQs (pdf)


See Common File Upload Errors and Solutions. If you get an error message when filing W-2s, 1099s, or MW-3s, call your software provider with the error message and request they make a correction to their software.


TAP Manual Entry

Enter your employees’ W-2s and 1099s that have Montana withholding by typing the information into an online form.

Log in to TAP with your username and password

Select the Account ID ending in WTH

Select the File Single W-2 or 1099 forms link in the Account Options panel

Enter the tax year of the forms that you are filing

Select the Forms tab and then the form that you want to enter

Once you have entered all of your forms, select 'Submit'

TAP MW-3 Annual Reconciliation

All payments made to the department and posted to your DOR tax account throughout the filing period are already populated on the MW-3 in TAP for your business. Just verify the payments, edit them if necessary and submit your MW-3.

Log in to TAP with your username and password

Select the Account ID ending in WTH

Select the File Now link for the appropriate tax year

Verify payment amounts and periods are correct

Edit payments if necessary

Submit your return


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TransAction Portal

TAP is a free service that gives individuals, businesses and their authorized representatives access to manage their accounts with the Montana Department of Revenue and the Gambling Control Division of the Department of Justice. View the TAP Navigational Tutorial.


The Gambling Control Division has further assistance for their services on their website.

Services Available in TAP

You don't have to log in to:

File returns or forms

• File a Return – Current year individual income tax return

• File a Pass-Through Entity Owner Tax Agreement form

• Apply for a Tax Certificate

• Power of Attorney (POA)

Get individual income tax assistance

• Where’s My Refund

• Verify Return/Tax Refund Verification

Register accounts

• GenReg/Register for a new Tax Account

• File Upload Application for bulk filing withholding forms W-2, 1099 and annual reconciliation


Find unclaimed property

• Unclaimed property search

• Track your claim status

• UCP Quick Claim form

Search Liquor Control Division services

• Bottle price calculations

• Temporary authority

• Beer/wine label

• Liquor license

You can log in as an individual or busineSs to:

• Update profile information

• File or amend certain tax returns or submit license renewals

• Make payments

• View your account history

• Give your representative (accountant, bookkeeper, or other professional) third party access to use your TAP account on your behalf

Account Types available in TAP:

Individuals and Businesses

Account Type Available Services
File a Return Make Payments Other Services
Bad Debts (BDT)   Yes  
Bentonite (BEN) Yes Yes  
Cement & Gypsum (CGT) Yes Yes  
Cigarette Tax (CIG) Yes Yes  
Coal Gross Proceeds (CGP) Yes Yes  
Coal Severance Tax (CST) Yes Yes  
Consumer Counsel Fee (CCT) Yes Yes  
Corporate License Tax (CLT)   Yes  
Disregarded Entity (DER) Yes Yes  
Electrical Energy Tax (EEL) Yes Yes  
File Upload (FLE)     Files only
Fiduciary Estate and Trusts (FID)   Yes  
Hospital Facility Utilization Fee (HUF) Yes Yes  
Individual Income Tax (IIT) Yes Yes  
Industrial Property Reporting (IPR)     Reporting Form
Lodging Facility Sales & Use (LFT, LST) Yes Yes  
Metal Mines Gross Proceeds (MMG) Yes Yes  
Metalliferous Mines License Tax (MML) Yes Yes  
Mineral Royalty (MRW) Yes Yes  
Misc Mines Net Proceeds (MMN) Yes Yes  
Nursing Facility Utilization Fee (NFB) Yes Yes  
Oil and Gas Production Tax (COG) Yes Yes  
Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Yes Yes  
Partnership (PTR)   Yes  
Personal Property Reporting (PPR)     Reporting Form
Public Service Regulation Fee (PSR) Yes Yes  
Rental Vehicle Tax (RVT) Yes Yes  
Resource Indemnity Tax (RIT) Yes Yes  
Retail Telecommunications Excise Tax (RTE) Yes Yes  
Small Business Corp (SBC)   Yes  
Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD) Yes Yes  
Wholesale Energy Trans Tax (WET) Yes Yes  
Withholding Tax (WTH) Yes Yes  
911 Emergency Telephone Fee (911) Yes Yes  

Liquor Control

Account Type Services Available
License Renewal Make Payments Other Services
Agency Liquor Store (LIQ)   Yes Weekly order
Beer Connoisseur Tax (BCT) Yes Yes  
Beer Tax (BET)   Yes Monthly Reports
Brewery Storage Depot (BSD) Yes Yes  
Common Carrier (LCT) Yes Yes  
Connoisseur License (CON) Yes Yes  
Distilled Spirits Manufacturer License (DSM) Yes Yes  
Domestic Brewery License (DBR) Yes Yes  
Domestic Winery License (DWR) Yes Yes  
Excise and License Tax (ELT) Yes Yes  
Foreign Brewery Import License (FBI) Yes Yes File monthly reports and Manage Labels/Disributors
Foreign Winery Import License (FWI) Yes Yes File monthly reports and Manage Labels/Disributors
Hard Cider (HCT)   Yes Monthly Reports
Liquor Special Permits (SPP)   Yes Apply for a Special permit
Liquor Vendor Acct (LVA)     New Vendor Rep Registration, Vendor Proof Gallon Request, Report Direct Deliveries
On-Premises License (ONP) Yes Yes  
Vendor Representative License (VRL) Yes Yes  
Wine Tax (WIT)   Yes Monthly Reports
Wholesale License (WSL)   Yes File a Return

Taxpayer Access Point Logo

Access and Logins

Sign up for TAP

You must be registered in our tax system and have a valid email address to sign up for TAP access.

You also need the following information:

Individual Income Tax

To access your account, you must have filed a Montana tax return within the last five years.

• Social Security Number

• Federal Adjusted Gross Income (Fed AGI) from your last return filed in Montana. If you only filed a Form 2EC last year, you may use the total gross household income from Form 2EC, Line 1.

Business Income Tax, Miscellaneous Taxes or Liquor Accounts

• Montana Tax Account ID assigned by the Department of Revenue when an account is created. This 13-digit alphanumeric ID is formatted as 1234567-890-ABC.

• Zip code for your account

Wage Withholding

• The 13-digit alphanumeric Montana Tax Account ID formatted as 1234567-890-WTH.

• Zip Code

• Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). Instead of your FEIN, you can use the last payment amount, or total wages paid subject to withholding from your most recent Form MW-3.


File Upload/Processing

• To register a File Upload account, fill out the File Upload Application.

• If your business already has a File Upload Account, you need your 13-digit Montana Tax Account ID and zip code.

Third Party Access

• Tax preparers who file returns for clients must set up their own TAP logon for centralized access to multiple client accounts. You can sign up as an individual or as a business.

Username and Password Rules


Usernames are alphanumeric and 6 to 20 characters:

• Alphanumeric characters only

• At least 6 characters

• No more than 20 characters

• Spaces are not allowed


• Are case sensitive

• At least 8 characters

• At least 1 uppercase alpha

• At least 1 lowercase alpha

• At least 1 numeric

• At least 1 special character, e.g.: ~!@#$%^&*_+ - \|/

• Cannot be reused

• Spaces are allowed

Account Access Levels

Administrators manage the access of the Account Managers to each account.


They approve or deny requests for access and grant permission for the actions the Account Manager is allowed.


The Account Manager can View, File, and Pay or a combination of those based on the permission granted by the Administrator.

Access another account

If you have account manager level access, you must request access to each account. In the I Want To section, select Add Access to Another Account.

Your request will be sent to the person with account administrator level access for authorization.

Third Party: Access my client accounts

Tax preparers who file returns for clients must set up their own TAP logon for centralized access to multiple client accounts. Note: Your client must have their account set up before you request access to their account.

1. Log in to your own individual or business tax account.

2. Select Add Third Party Account Access.

3. Provide specific account information about your client's account and submit your access request.
An email notice will be sent to your client immediately.
Once they approve your access, you will receive a notice from stating the account access change.

4. Log in, select Clients’ Accounts to view the account(s) you have been granted access to.

Forgot My Password

You need your username and answer to your secret question. An email to reset your password will be sent to you. When you receive the email, click the link and enter your secret answer. You will then be prompted to enter your new password. If you can’t reset it, create a new login account.

Authentication Code

An authentication code will be sent to you when you sign up for TAP. You will need to request and provide a new authentication code each time you log into your TAP account unless you choose the “Trust This Computer” option. Do not choose this option if you are using a public computer. For this feature to work, you must change your browser settings to not delete cookies.

You can expect to receive your authentication code within five minutes of your request. If you request a new authentication code before you receive the first code, you will need to wait for the second code. Authentication codes sent by text are usually faster.

Some internet providers and spam filters may stop certain emails. Set your filters to allow an email from If you do not receive a code, contact us to request a new code be sent by a different method (e.g., text or email).

Manage authorized users on my account

As the account administrator, you can remove or add other users’ access to your accounts; and, manage additional logons from your profile. You can cease their login, change the type of access they have, and designate which tax accounts they can access. You can also view their recent activity on your account.

Cancel my TAP Access

You can cancel your TAP access at any time from your Profile.

Inactivity timeout security feature

After 15 minutes of inactivity your account will lock. Reenter your password to continue.

After 45 minutes of inactivity, you will be logged out of your account. All unsaved information will be lost. Enter your username and password to log back in.

Taxpayer Access Point Logo

File and Amend Returns

File a return, application, renewal and upload files

Many accounts allow you to submit a return, application, or renewal. From the Tax Account screen, view the Periods tab. Select File Return for the period that has a filing requirement.

Access saved or submitted return

All activity you have completed in TAP is available in the Correspondence tab at the Tax Account level. Select More in the My Requests panel. Select the link for the activity you want to view. The Status panel will show the status of your action. You can view saved returns that you have not submitted from the Account Alerts panel.

Correct a mistake on a return that you already submitted

You can edit or delete a return if it has not yet processed. If it has processed, you will need to file an amended return. See the Amend a filed return topic.

Delete a return

You can delete a return on the same day you submitted it if the status is “Pending.” If the status of the return shows “Processed,” you cannot delete it.

1. Go to the Tax Account screen and select the Correspondence tab

2. Select More in the My Requests panel

3. Select the link for the return you want to delete

4. In the Status panel, select Delete and confirm you want to delete the return

Amend a filed return

You cannot amend individual income tax returns through TAP.

You can file amended returns with tax software (even if the software was not used to submit the original return), or you can file a paper return.

If you are unsure whether you need to amend your return, contact us for assistance.

There are returns that you can amend through TAP:

• 911 Emergency Telephone Fee (911)

• Beer Tax (BET)

• Bentonite Production Tax (BEN)

• Consumer Counsel Fee (CCT)

• Cement and Gypsum Producers License Tax (CGT)

• Coal Gross Proceeds Tax (CGP)

• Coal Severance Tax (CST)

• Electrical Energy Producers License Tax (EEL)

• Hospital Facility Utilization Fee (HUF)

• Lodging Facility Sales and Use (LFT)

• Metalliferous Mines License Tax (MML)

• Metal Mines Gross Proceeds Tax (MMG)

• Miscellaneous Mines Net Proceeds Tax (MMN)

• Oil and Natural Gas Production Tax (COG)

• Public Service Regulation Fee (PSR)

• Rental Vehicle Tax (RVT)

• Resource Indemnity Trust Tax (RIT)

• Retail Telecommunications Excise Tax (RTE)

• Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD)

• Wholesale Energy Trans Tax (WET)

• Wine Tax (WIT)

Return history and status

View your online history and submitted request statuses under the Correspondence tab in the My Requests panel. Select More to view submitted requests.

Return status types

Saved—you have not submitted your return to be processed.

Pending—you submitted your return and it is waiting to be loaded to our main tax system. This information transfer occurs at 5:00 p.m. every day. You can delete or change your return if the status is pending.

Complete—your return is loaded to our main tax system. You must file an amended return for changes.

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Make a payment

You can make a payment for many accounts with an e-check, credit card, or debit card. Payments post to your bank account within three to five days. If you pay by e-check, there is no fee and you can schedule payments for a future date. The total amount you pay when you use a credit or debit card includes a processing fee charged by the third-party payment processor.

Correct or delete a payment

You can correct or delete e-check payments if the payment’s status is “Pending.” You must first delete the payment and then re-enter the correct information and submit. You cannot delete debit and credit card payments. They are sent immediately to the banking institution. Contact your banking institution for assistance with those payments.

Payment history and status

View your online history and submitted request statuses under the Correspondence tab in the My Requests panel.

Select More to view submitted requests.

View all the activity on your tax account from the Tax Account screen.

Select the link for the period you want to view. The Period Activity panel will show all the activity for the account. Select the link under Period Activity for details for each item.

Store bank information (Payment Channels)

Add, edit, and remove Payment Channels in your Profile. Payments scheduled for a future date will still process with the Payment Channel used when you entered them. You must edit or cancel each payment if you do not want them processed with that payment channel on the date you chose.

Payment Plan

If a Payment Plan is available for the account, a link will be available in the I Want To panel or under More in the panel after you log in. Most requests will receive immediate notification of approval. If we need to further review your request, we will send you a web message. Check your Web Notices for a response.

Taxpayer Access Point Logo

Request a Payment Plan on our TransAction Portal

Did you file your taxes and owe money to the State of Montana? Are you looking for an option to pay your balance?

A payment plan might be for you!

Tax types available

We accept payment plans for:

• Withholding

• Individual Income Tax

• Lodging Facility Sales and Use

• Corporate Income Tax

• Small Business Corporation

• Partnership

• Other Tobacco Products

• Bad Debts

Requesting a payment plan

To request a payment plan:

1. Go to our TransAction Portal (TAP)

2. Log in to your account

If you don't have an account, you can create one by clicking Sign Up Now!

Find more information on creating an account on the Access and Logins tab.

3. Once you are logged in: Click into an account with a balance due

4. Look for the Account Options panel. If a payment plan is available, you'll have a Request a payment plan option.

Account Options Menu

Most requests will be approved immediately, but if we need to review your request, we will send you a web message. You can check your web messages by clicking on the Correspondence tab, then clicking on the My Notices option.

Contact us for help

If you need more help, our Call Center can walk you through the process.

Please note: Our Call Center cannot set up a payment plan for Tax Year 2016.