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ARM Title 42 (as published by the Secretary of State through 9/30/16)

Proposal Notices and Hearing Dates:

None at this time



Alcoholic Beverage Licenses - Premises Suitability Requirements and Conditions for Operating All Types

Proposal 42-2-967
SBI determination 967

Alcoholic Beverage Establishment Location Managers, Compliance with Laws and Rules, the Penalty Schedule, Consumer Promotions, and Contract Manufacturing

Proposal 42-2-968
SBI determination 968

recent Adoptions:

Agricultural Land Valuation

Adoption 42-2-966
Proposal 42-2-966
SBI determination 966


Trended Depreciation Schedules for Valuing Property

Adoption 42-2-965
Proposal 42-2-965
SBI determination 965

Property Reappraisal

Adoption 42-2-964
Proposal 42-2-964
SBI determination 964

Golf Course Valuation

Adoption 42-2-959 
Proposal notice 42-2-959
SBI determination 959

Corporate Income Tax

Adoption 42-2-960
Proposal 42-2-960
SBI determination 960


Pass-Through Entity Audit Adjustments and Computation of Composite Tax, and
Pension and Annuity Income Exclusions and Small Business Liability Funds

Adoption 42-2-962
Proposal 42-2-962
SBI determination 962

Application of Penalties and Interest and Reasonable Cause, and the Timeframe for Appealing Notices of Assessment

Adoption correction 42-2-963
Adoption 42-2-963
Proposal 42-2-963
SBI determination 963

Property Reappraisal, Appraisal Notices, and Agricultural Land Regions and Determinations (MTAB Ruling)

Adoption 42-2-956adp
Proposal amended 42-2-956
Proposal 42-2-956
SBI determination 956

Wage Withholding for State Income Tax

Adoption 42-2-961
Proposal 42-2-961
SBI determination 961

Nondisclosure of Property Owner Record Information

Adoption 42-2-958
Proposal 42-2-958
SBI determination 958

Tax Increment Finance Districts - URD, TEDD, and TIFD

Adoption 42-2-957
Proposal 42-2-957
SBI determination 957

Property Tax Assistance Programs

Adoption 42-2-955
Proposal 42-2-955
SBI determination 955

Alternative Business Office Hours in Qualified County Offices

Adoption 42-2-954
Proposal 42-2-954
SBI determination 954

Montana Ammunition Availability Act - Property Tax Exemption Applications

Adoption 42-2-953
Proposal 42-2-953
SBI determination 953

Previous rulemaking notices are available on the Secretary of State's Administrative Rules of Montana web page.