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Montana Cadastral - This site is intended to provide the public with basic functionality to research information on public and private property. 

The site performs the following basic tasks.
- Search for property information by owner, address, geocode, assessment code, certificate of survey or subdivision.
- Search for property information by zooming in to a specific map area and identifying one parcel at a time.


Biennial Report

The biennial report provides detailed information on taxes administered by the department and related collections activity for the specifed biennium. The report is an effective tool for understanding the Department of Revenue and the tax base of the State of Montana.

Biennial Reports


Laws and Rules

Montana Code Annotated (MCA) is a compilation of all existing state laws as of the year of publication. The MCA is the definitive version of legislation passed by the Legislature and is updated every other year following each legislative session.

Montana Code Annotated

To review all the laws and rules related to taxation, please refer to Montana Code Annotated,  Title 15 - Taxation

Administrative Rules are agency regulations, standards or statements of applicability that implement, interpret, or set law or policy.