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ACH Credit is when you want to pay a bill through your bank. You can ask your bank to transfer funds to our bank account for the Montana tax ID number, tax type and amount you choose.Your bank will need our bank's information to complete this transfer. We will give you our banking information when we approve your registration. You will need to follow your bank’s instructions to properly transfer funds. It is your responsibility to know your particular bank’s practices to make sure your payment is processed on time. We can charge you penalties and interest if your electronic payment is late.


Account Types Available for ACH Credit Payments

Agency Liquor Store (LIQ)

Bentonite Production (BEN)

Brewery Storage Depot (BSD)

Cement & Gypsum (CGT)

Cigarette Tax (CIG)

Coal Gross Proceeds (CGP)

Coal Severance Tax (CST)

Combined Oil & Gas Severance (COG)

Connoisseur License (CON)

Consumer Counsel Fee (CCT)

Corporate License Tax (CLT)

Distilled Spirits Manufacturer License (DSM)

Domestic Winery License (DWR)

Electrical Energy Tax (EEL)

Emergency Telephone (911)

Fiduciary Estate and Trusts (FID)

Foreign Brewery License (FBI)

Foreign Winery License (FWI)

Hospital Facility Utilization Fee (HUF)

Individual Income Tax (IIT)

Liquor Special Permit (SPP)

Lodging Facility Sales & Use (LFT, LST)

Metal Mines Gross Proceeds (MMG)

Metal Mines License (MML)

Mineral Royalty (MRW)

Misc Mines Net Proceeds (MMN)

Nursing Facility Utilization Fee (NFB)

Off-Premises License (OFF)

On-Premises License (ONP)

Other Tobacco Products (OTP)

Partnership (PTR)

Public Service Regulation Fee (PSR)

Rental Vehicle Tax (RVT)

Resource Indemnity Tax (RIT)

Retail Telecommunications Excise Tax (RTE)

Small Business Corp (SBC)

Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD)

Unclaimed Property Holder (UCH)

Unclaimed Property Reciprocity (UCR)

Vendor Representative License (VRL)

Wage Withholding (WTH)

Wholesale Energy Trans Tax (WET)

Wholesale Liquor License (WSL)

Wine Tax (WIT)

Getting Started

First, ask your bank to confirm they are able to send an ACH credit payment.


Submit a one-time ACH Credit Registration Form by email, fax or mail. This registration is specific to you, the transmitter, and the business listed on the registration. If you will be transmitting for multiple businesses, each business must be submitted and approved separately. We will email a confirmation of your approval for ACH credit payments.

What your bank will need

  • •  Our banking information we send to you after we approve your registration
  • •  Business name to apply payment
  • •  Thirteen character Montana tax ID (e.g. 4123456002WTH)
  • •  Tax type and amount type codes  Depending on your bank or software requirements, you may need to provide specific codes that correspond to the payment(s) you are submitting.
  • •  Payment period end date
  • •  Amount of payment

You need to send additional filing information with your payment using the ACH standard formats and TXP Record standards. If your bank offers this service, they will have this information. They can also find the information here: Addenda Record 6 and Addenda Record 7 are critical to the ACH process.

Tips to Avoid Payment Processing Delays

Include a valid payment period end date

Verify account ID format is correct. Must be 13 alphanumeric characters assigned by Montana Department of Revenue. If your bank requires 15 digits, add two trailing spaces.

Verify payment amounts in addenda Record 6 and addenda Record 7 match

Include a backslash "\" (terminator) at the end of addenda Record 7

Include an asterisk separator "*" between fields

Include amount type codes

Verify correct tax type codes are used (must be 5 digits)

Include business name in addenda Record 6

Do not include decimals in payment amounts

Do not include hyphens in account ID