Liquor Enterprise Fund Report of Operations

The fiscal year report detailing the operation of the Montana Liquor Control Division and the breakout of sales to agency liquor stores

Fiscal Year 2015
Fiscal Year 2014
Fiscal Year 2013
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Agency Liquor Store

All-Beverage Licenses

Beer Wholesaler and Table Wine Distributor

Domestic Brewery

Domestic Distillery

Domestic Winery

Off-Premises Beer and Wine

On-Premises Beer and Wine Licenses

Restaurant Beer and Wine


Agency Liquor Store

Special Permits


Useful Links

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)

Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries, Wholesalers, Distributors and Importers looking for more information regarding the federal licensing process and requirements including on-line permitting, labeling and other industry questions can go to their website TTB.

Approved Beer and Wine Labels

Beer and wine products that have been approved to ship into and/or be distributed in the State of Montana can be found on the TransAction Portal (TAP).

Building, Health and Fire

All establishments that sell, serve, distribute and manufacture alcoholic beverages in the state of Montana must meet certain requirements set by local building, health and fire code officials before a license can be approved or a change to the premises(alteration) can be approved. To find an official in your area, please click on the links below:
Health Code Officials
Fire Code Officials
Building Code Officials

Laws and Rules

To review all the laws and rules related to liquor licensing, please refer to Title 16 - Montana Code Annotated and its Administrative Rules or to request a hard copy, contact us at 406-444-6900 or send us an email at dorliquorcontrol@mt.gov.

License Code List

To determine what type of license an establishment has you can look at the last three numbers of the license number, ex. 00-111-1234 - and refer to the License Code List.

License Search

If you are trying to verify if an establishment is licensed or are looking for specific information about a particular license such as security interests, ownership, who is the manager, where is the business located, please use our convenient, secure online License Search.

Licensing Terms

To assist you in understanding the liquor licensing application process, license management and compliance, we have compiled a list of frequently used Licensing Terms.

Purchase Price Report

If you are looking for a list of the most recent sales information regarding on-premises licenses, please review the Purchase Price Report. The report is broken down by county and shows the names of the establishments, purchase price and the date of the purchase. NOTE: The purchase prices in this report are not established by the Department of Revenue but are the market value specific to the area.

The Department of Revenue continuously tries to improve our reporting. The purchase price report comes from a system whose main function is licensing, not data reporting.  As a result, the report shows some inaccurate prices.  Additionally, GenTax has now been in use for six or more years, and in that time licensees have made additional changes to their license. This report captures the sale price and attaches it to the latest transaction in our system. If someone purchases a license for $100,000, our data system captures that sales price. If the licensee then submits an application for change in current license ownership or location, the report then continues to show the original purchase price ($100,000).

Quota System

All-Beverages, City Beer and City Beer with Wine Amendments and Restaurant Beer and Wine Licenses are issued on what is called a quota system. The quota means the system utilized by the department to maintain and monitor the availability of liquor licenses in each city and county area in Montana as stipulated by 16-4-502, MCA, this also includes the availability to float licenses from one area to another. The current information and availability has been compiled into a document called the Quota Sheet. Prior to applying for a license, you should always contact the department to verify the license is still available. You can contact us by calling 406-444-6900 or send us an email at dorliquorcontrol@mt.gov.

Temporary Authority

To verify if an applicant has been issued the authority to temporarily operate a licensee's license during an application process, please view the report Temporary Authority.

The TransAction Portal (TAP)

The TransAction Portal (TAP)- Manage your account online or register for an account.

Other Resources

National Alcohol Beverage Control Association or NABCA

Montana Tavern Association

Montana Beer and Wine Distributors Association

Montana Brewers Association


Laws and Rules

The cost for process and license fees is stipulated by 42.12.111 ARM and 16-4-501, MCA.

To review all the laws and rules relating to liquor licensing, please refer to the links below:

Montana Alcoholic Beverage Code - Title 16


Administrative Rules of Montana

The laws and rules are also available in hard copy by sending a written request to:

Liquor Control Division
P.O. Box 1712
Helena, MT 59624-1712
Fax Number: (406) 444-0722

We will be happy to help if you have any questions. Please contact us at 406-444-6900 and ask for a licensing specialist.



The Department of Revenue, Liquor Control Division has many resources for the public to help with the understanding and application of liquor laws. We hope that you find this section helpful.