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Liquor Distribution Team


LaNor Stigen - Liquor Distribution Bureau Chief, 406-444-5807
Mickey Carlson - All questions regarding credit forms and overages/shortages on your order and applying to become a new agent and questions regarding your agency contract, 406-444-0724
Jamie Williams - All questions regarding warehouse maintained products, 406-444-4003
Shana Goddard - All questions regarding non-maintained special order products and the status of your back orders, 406-444-2938
Mary Lohrman - All questions regarding your daily orders and TransAction Portal (TAP), 406-444-0719
Jason (Jay) Gaughan  - All questions regarding your current account status and payments, 406-444-2909


Toll Free Number: 1-800-332-6135


Mailing Address


PO Box 1712, Helena, MT 59624
Delivery Address: 2517 Airport Road, Helena, MT 59601
General Inquiries: dorliquordist@mt.gov


The TransAction Portal

The TransAction Portal (TAP) - Manage your account online or register for account access, place and manage liquor orders, make and view payments, view invoices and payment coupons.




Frequently Asked Questions

Existing Agents - FAQ's for agents who currently own an Agency Liquor Store.
New Agent - FAQ's for people wanting to become an Agency Liquor Store Owner.
Liquor Representatives - FAQ's for Vendor Representatives that are promoting products in Montana.



Defective Merchandise Credit Request - Used to report shortages/defective product and truck breakage of product received on an order from the Liquor Warehouse. If you need help filling out this form, please take a look at these Instructions for Defective Merchandise Credit Request.
Out of Stock Sales Item Credit Request - Used to report cases received in a non sale month that an order was placed for in a sale month but no product was available at the time. If you need help filling out this from, please take a look at these Instructions for Out of Stock Sales Item Credit Request.
Merchandise Return Request - Used to request to return product to the warehouse due to accidently ordering it or a mispick on the order, or you did not order it but it was on your order.



2017 Holidays - A listing of all holidays observed by Agency Liquor Stores and the State of Montana. All Agency Liquor Stores must be closed on these days.
2017 Order Processing Calendar - A calendar of agency liquor stores' order days.


Other Resources


Department of Revenue Liquor Licensing - County listings, temporary authority list, FAQs and dictionary of terms.
National Alcohol Beverage Control Association or NABCA - Mission and general objectives, statistical reports, publications, NABCA Membership.
Statutes: Montana Code Annotated, Title 16 - Administration and taxation, liquor stores, control of liquor, beer and wine, license administration, identification cards, enforcement.
Administrative Rules of Montana, Chapter 11 - Rules and regulations regarding alcohol beverage tax and operation of liquor licenses and agency liquor stores and vendors.

Agency Liquor Store Brochure


Product Information

Agency Liquor Stores may not carry every item listed in the information below.

Product Classification

Items that have been in the State for at least six months and are among the highest-selling 1,300 products in the state based on case sales in the 12-month period prior to the department's biannual review where sales are not erratic or based upon closeout or overstock are classified as Regular List. Products that have not been in the State for 6 months, items that are not available year around, and highly seasonal products were excluded from this category.

Those items that did not meet the criteria to be regular listed, but among  the highest-selling 350 special order products based on case sales in the 12-month period prior to the department's biannual review, will be classified Special Order Maintained. Items that are not available year around and highly seasonal products were excluded from this category.

Items that have not qualified for Regular List or Special Order Maintained in the past 12 months are classified as Special Order Not Maintained. These products are not maintained in our warehouse.

Product Updates

A monthly update of new products available for order in the State of Montana, price changes to currently listed products, discontinuation of previously listed products, miscellaneous vendor news.

January 2017

February 2017

March 2017

Quarterly Pricing Information

Regular List Products price are at a fixed price and will follow the prices listed below. Special Order Products are not at a fixed price and can change price at any time.

All Licensees receive an eight percent (8%) discount off posted price on all regular list products they purchase by the case. Special order products and bottle purchases are sold at posted price.

Price Disks

A listing of the posted price for all products currently available for order in the State of Montana.

March 2017 TXT
March 2017 Excel

April 2017 TXT - Updated 3/15/17
April 2017 Excel - Updated 3/15/17

May 2017 TXT - Updated 3/15/17
May 2017 Excel - Updated 3/15/17

June 2017 TXT - Updated 3/15/17
June 2017 Excel - Updated 3/15/17

July 2017 TXT - Updated 3/15/17
July 2017 Excel - Updated 3/15/17

Other Pricing Information

Product Inventory Specifications - A current listing of all products available for order from the State of Montana Liquor Warehouse and their UPC's/SCC's and product classification.

Sales Ranking Report - A list of product sales from the greatest to the least.

July 2013 - July 2014

January 2014 - December 2014

January 2015 - December 2015



There are currently 95 agent owned liquor stores located throughout the state of Montana that operate under an Agency Franchise Agreement with the Department of Revenue to purchase distilled spirits. These agency owned liquor stores are the exclusive retailers of liquor and fortified wine. They sell to the public for off-premise consumption, and to the 1900+ all-beverage licensees.