2017 Draft Forms

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Individual Income Tax Rates for 2017

Main Forms

Corporate Income Tax

  • Form CIT
    The 2017 Form CIT and instructions are final and available under Downloadable Forms

Wage Withholding

Mineral Royalty Withholding

Supplemental Forms

  • ENRG-C - Energy Conservation Installation Credit
  • ETM – Enrolled Tribal Member
  • PT-AGR – Pass-Through Entity Owner Tax Agreement


Most Requested Downloadable Forms

Direct link to TransAction Portal (TAP) where you can file MW-3 Reconciliation, Application for Tax Certificate, and POA forms electronically

Power of Attorney (POA) - Authorization to Disclose Tax Information

MW-1 - Montana Withholding Tax Payment Voucher 

MW-3 Reconciliation* - 2016 MT Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation

MW-3 Reconciliation* - 2015 MT Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation

MW-3 Reconciliation* - 2014 MT Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation
MW-3 Reconciliation* - 2013 MT Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation
MW-3 Reconciliation - 2012 MT Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation 
Employers' Tax Guide - MT Employers' Tax Guide for Income Tax Withholding

2017 Tax Rates - Individual Income Tax Rates

2016 Tax Rates - Individual Income Tax Rates

Form 2* - 2016 MT Individual Income Tax Return 

2 Booklet - 2016 MT Individual Income Tax Return Booklet (Long Form)
Form 2EZ* - 2016 MT Individual Income Tax Return (Short Form) 

2EZ Booklet - 2015 MT Individual Income Tax Return Booklet (Short Form)
IT Payment Voucher - MT Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher

CR-T - Application for Tax Certificate

488 (RTC)* - Realty Transfer Certificate NOTE: This is a legal size form. Make sure your printer is set to 8-1/2 X 14.
Cadastral Website Name Removal


Amended Returns

Individual Income Taxes
Corporate Income Taxes
S Corporation Returns
Partnership Returns
Estate and Trust Taxes


How to Request Tax Related Records

Looking for records or documents from the Department of Revenue's files? This section provides general guidelines on the information available to citizens and organizations, and how you can access it. Also included are links to guidelines on tax information which is confidential.

Request Tax Records
Third Party Records

 Forms List

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