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911 Emergency Telephone System Fee
1099 Forms FAQ

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AARP Tax Counseling and Preparation Assistance

Abandoned Property – Do We Have Money For You?

Abandoned Property Holder Information

Abandoned Property  Online Auction

ABC Clinics
ACH Credit Payment Instructions
Active Tobacco Products List
Ad Valorem Local Government Taxes

Address Change for Individual Income Taxes
Addresses for Returns and Correspondence
Administrative Rules - Adoption & Proposal Notices
Administrative Rules of Montana - Title 42 Department of Revenue
Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM)

Administrative Rules of Montana Index SOS
Adoption Tax Credit
Advisory Council Local Government Working Group
Agricultural Land Valuation Advisory Committee
Agricultural Land Classification Information

Agriculture Land Classification Manual
Airport Liquor License Information
Alcohol & Tobacco MCA - Title 16 Alcohol and Tobacco

Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau
Alcohol Beverage Control Information
Alcohol Distribution Contact Information
Alcohol License Codes
Alcohol License Types & Fees
Alcohol Server Education in Montana
Alcohol Server Education & Training - Frequently Asked Questions
Alternative Energy Production Credit
Alternative Energy System Credit
Alternative Fuel Credit
Amended Returns

Amended Returns FAQ
American Indian Income Tax Filers - Frequently Asked Questions
Annual MW-3 Withholding Tax Reconciliation Report Information
Annual Tax Withholding Statements

Annuity Income FAQ
Appeal Process for Property Taxes

Appeals Process for All Tax Types Except Property
Appeals Reference Guide
Approaches Used to Determine Property Value
Approved Vendors for Federal/State Business Returns E-File Program
Assessment Notice Information - Personal Property
Assessment Notice Information - Real Property
Assessment Notices Overview

Assistance & Education for Individuals

Assistance for Business Clinics Schedule
Authorization to Disclose Tax Information - For Tax Professionals
Authorization to Disclose Tax Information - For Taxpayers

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Bars On-Premise Liquor License Information

Bed Tax Information - DPHHS

Beer & Hard Cider Tax - Manage Accounts Online

Beer & Wine Brochure

Beer & Wine Labels Approved
Beer & Wine License - eStop Licensing

Beer and Wine Liquor License Information

Beer Connoisseurs Returns to File

Beer Liquor License Information
Beer > 8.75% available in Montana
Beer/Wine Wholesale/Distributor - Frequently Asked Questions

Beer/Wine Wholesale/Distributor Returns to File
Biennial Reports
Bill of Rights
Biodiesel Blending and Storage Credit
Blackfeet Tribe / Montana Tobacco Tax Agreement & Amendments
Business Clinics
Business Equipment - Personal Property Class 8
Business and Income Tax Reports
Business and Occupational Licenses
Business Licensing Guide
Business Montana
Business Tax Express
Business Tax Incentives
Businesses Electronic Services

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Cabaret License
Cadastral Mapping Project (GIS)
Call the Department of Revenue
Capital Gains and Dividends from Small Business Investment Company Tax Exemption CORP
Capitalization Rate Studies
Catering a Special Event - Liquor Licensing
Catering and Special Events - Frequently Asked Questions
Catering Tailgate Parties - Frequently Asked Questions
Cement & Gypsum Producers License Tax Information

Centrally Assessed & Industrial Protested Taxes
Centrally Assessed and Industrial Property Company Values
Certificate - Realty Transfer

Change of Address for Individual Income Taxes
Chippewa Cree Tribe / Montana Tax Agreement

Cigarette Active Tobacco Product Licenses
Cigarette eStop License Portal
Cigarette Minimum and Exempt Price Listing
Cigarette Minimum Price Listing

Cigarette Tax Information

Cigarette/Tobacco Sales and Directory & Tobacco Settlement
Cigarettes - Fire Safe Approved for Sale in Montana
Cigars, Cigarette Classification
Classes of Property
Coal Gross Proceeds Tax Information
Coal Severance Tax Information
College Contribution Credit
Commercial Property Tax Information
Common Carriers FAQ

Common Carriers Returns to File

Concession Agreements FAQ

Confederated Salish Kootenai / Montana Tax Agreement
Confidentiality - FAQ

Confidentiality Disclosure Information
Connoisseur License
Construction Contractor Registration
Consumer Counsel Fee
Contact Information - Liquor Distribution Team
Contact the Department of Revenue
Contractors Gross Receipts Tax
Contractors Gross Receipts Tax Credit
Copies of Your Tax Forms, Returns, W-2s

Core Values and Mission Statement
Corporate Income Tax Incentives
Corporate Income Tax Information

County Collections Reporting Manual
County Office Locations and Phone Numbers

County Tax Appeal Board
Crow Tribe / Montana Tobacco Tax Agreement

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Database of Properties Online Search
Department Goals
Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Energy Information Resource
Department of Labor & Industry – Business & Occupational Licenses
Department of Labor & Industry – Independent Contractor Central Unit
Department of Labor & Industry – Unemployment Insurance Division
Department of Revenue Contact Information
Dependent Care Assistance Credits
Disability Insurance for Uninsured Montanans Credit
Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemptions (MDV)

Disclosure of Information

Disclosure of Real Estate Sales Price

Disregarded Entity - Frequently Asked Questions

Distilled Spirit & Vendor Representative FAQ

Distilled Spirit Vendor & Representative Information

Distilled Spirits Return to File

Distillery FAQ

Distillery License Information

Distillery Returns to File

Donation of Exploration Information Deduction
Downloadable Forms - Most Requested

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eStop Business Licensing Overview

E-Calendar for the State of Montana

Economic Development

E-File Vendors

Elder Citizens FAQs
Elderly Care Credit
Elderly Homeowner/Renter Credit (2EC)

Electrical Energy Producers License Tax
Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
Electronic Filing of W-2’s and 1099’s

Electronic Services for Businesses
Electronic Services for Individuals

E-Mail the Department of Revenue

Emergency Telephone 911 Service Fee

Employer Withholding Tax Tables

Employers' Tax Guide

Employment Opportunities at the Department of Revenue

Empowerment Zone Credit Information
Energy Conservation Installation Credit

Energy Conservation Investments Deductions
Energy Information Resource via Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

Energy Related Tax Relief
Energy Related Tax Relief - FAQs

Entitlement Share Payments
ePass Montana
Estate Planning
Estate, Trusts & Fiduciary Relationships - MCA Title 72
Estates and Inheritance Tax Information

Estates and Trusts - 2013 Form FID-3 Changes
Estimated Property Tax Calculations
Estimated Tax Payments - FAQs

eStop License Renewal

eStop Board of Review

eStop Licensing Forms and License Types

eStop Licensing Guide

eStop Payments and Penalties
Exemptions from Property Taxation
Extensions - FAQs
Extension to Filing Return

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FAQ - 1099 Forms

FAQ - Amended Returns

FAQ - Appeals & Problem Solving

FAQ - Confidentiality

FAQ - Disregarded Entities

FAQ - Energy Related Tax Relief

FAQ - Estimated Tax Payments

FAQ - Extensions

FAQ - File Transfer Service

FAQ - Fraud Reporting

FAQ - Injured & Innocent Spouse

FAQ - Liquor - Agency Liquor Stores

FAQ - Liquor - Beer Wholesale/Table Wine Distributor

FAQ - Liquor - Brewery

FAQ - Liquor - Common Carriers

FAQ - Liquor - Concession Agreements

FAQ - Liquor - Distilled Sprit Vendors & Representatives

FAQ - Liquor - Distillery

FAQ - Liquor - Education

FAQ - Liquor - Lottery

FAQ - Liquor - On Premises License

FAQ - Liquor - Restaurant Beer & Wine License

FAQ - Liquor - Special Events & Catering

FAQ - Liquor - Tailgate Parties

FAQ - Liquor - Winery, Domestic

FAQ - Liquor - Winery, Foreign/Out of State

FAQ - Military

FAQ - Natural Disaster Property Tax Reduction

FAQ - On Premise Liquor License

FAQ - Partnerships

FAQ - Pension, Annuity & Retirement Income

FAQ - Power of Attorney

FAQ - Property Assessment and Taxes

FAQ - Property Tax Reduction for Natural Disaster

FAQ - Railcars and Taxes

FAQ - Reciprocity

FAQ - S-Corporations

FAQ - Sale of Montana Property

FAQ - Sales Tax

FAQ - Senior Citizens

FAQ - TransAction Portal (TAP)

FAQ - Treasury Offset Program (TOP)

FAQ - Tribal Members

FAQ - Unclaimed Property (Holder Reporting Responsibilities)

FAQ - Unclaimed Property (Holder Report Preparation)

FAQ - Withholding

Fax Numbers for the Department of Revenue
Federation of Tax Administrators Home Page

Fiduciaries - 2013 Form FID-3 Changes

Fiduciaries Home Page
File and Pay Taxes Online with TAP
File Transfer Service
File Transfer Service - Frequently Asked Questions
Film Employment Production Credit Information
Film Qualified Expenditures Credit Information
Fire & Flood Natural Disaster Tax Relief & Assistance
Fire-Safety Standards for Cigarettes

Food and Consumer Safety - DPHHS
First-time Home Buyer Savings Account
Food Purveyor Inspections and List of Inspectors
Foreign Winery or Importer Licensees - Frequently Asked Questions
Forest Land Classification

Forest Land Classification Manual

Forest Land Natural Disasters
Forest Land Natural Disasters - Frequently Asked Questions

Forest Lands Taxation Advisory Committee
Forms for Liquor Store Agents & Vendors
Formula for Wage Levy/Garnishment
Fort Belknap Tribe / Montana Tax Agreement
Fort Peck Tribes / Montana Tobacco Tax Agreement
Fort Peck Tribes / Montana Oil & Natural Gas Production Agreement

Fraternal Organization Liquor License Information

Free Individual Income Tax Assistance with Montana Free Filing
Free Individual Income Tax Assistance with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)

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Garnishment Formula for Wage Levy - Computation of Garnishment Amount
Geothermal System Credit
Golf Course Liquor License Information

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Health Insurance for Uninsured Montanans Credit Information
Historic Buildings Preservation Credit
Holders of Unclaimed Property
Hospital Facility Utilization Fee
How to Report Withholding Tax
How to Request Tax-Related Records

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Income Tax Calculation Overview
Income Tax Express
Income Tax Rate & Standard Deduction Tables
Increasing Research and Development Activities Credit
Individual Electronic Services
Individual Income Tax Assistance & Education
Individual Income Tax Assistance with Montana Free File
Individual Income Tax Assistance with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)
Individual Income Tax Incentives & Credits
Industrial Sites Interactive Map
Informal Review & Appeal Process

Information Disclosure

Information for Holders of Unclaimed Property
Information for Owners of Unclaimed Property
Infrastructure Users Fee Credit
Inheritance and Estate Taxes Information

Injured & Innocent Spouse FAQ
Inspection Process for Food Purveyor License

Insure Montana Small Business Health Insurance Credit
Intermediate Care Facility Utilization Fee

Internal Revenue Service

Internet Sales Tax Collection
IRS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

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Jobs at the Department of Revenue

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Keeping Records

Keg Tag Order Form and Information


Learn About Liquor Distribution in Montana
Legislative Summaries
License Look Up

License Renewal eStop Business License
License Application & Registration with eStop Business Licensing
Liquor Control Home Page
Liquor Distribution Contact Information
Liquor Distribution in Montana
Liquor Education FAQ
Liquor Education Information & Class Schedule
Liquor Enterprise Fund Annual Financial Report
Liquor License - "How to" list of TAP instructions
Liquor License - Manage your License
Liquor License Apply by Mail
Liquor License Apply Online
Liquor License Code List
Liquor License Lottery
Liquor License Lottery - Frequently Asked Questions
Liquor License Purchase Price Information
Liquor License Quota Information
Liquor License Returns to File
Liquor License Specialists by County
Liquor License Tax Information
Liquor License Temporary Authority Information
Liquor License Terms
Liquor License Type Descriptions and Information
Liquor License Types & Fees
Liquor MCA - Title 16 Alcohol and Tobacco
Liquor Pricing, Product Updates & Classification
Liquor Product Information & Prices
Liquor Control Brochures
Liquor Special Permits Issued
Liquor Stores Information, FAQ and Forms
Liquor Store Brochure
Liquor Store FAQ
Liquor Tax Information
Liquor Temporary Authority Log
Livestock Per Capita State Fee
Livestock, Department of
Local Government Ad Valorem Taxes

Local Government Advisory Council
Local Office Locations and Phone Numbers

Local Option Tax and Resort Tax

Local Option Tax and Resort Tax - MDT

Lodging - Public Accommodations - DPHHS

Lodging Facility Sales and Use Tax Information

Lodging Tax Guide

Lottery for Liquor Licenses

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Mailing Addresses for Returns and Correspondence
Manual - Forest Land Classification & Appraisal

Manuals - Property Assessment

Mapping, Online Property Owner/Parcel Search

Medical Care Savings Account (MCA)
Medical Marijuana and Montana Income Taxes
Medical Marijuana Program - DPHHS
Metal Mines Gross Proceeds Tax Information
Metal Mines License Tax Information
Meters – Petroleum Dealers eStop License
Military Personnel Income Tax - Frequently Asked Questions
Military Spouses Residency Relief Act
Military Spouses Residency Relief Act - Frequently Asked Questions
55-Mill Deposits by County Protested and Normal Collections
Mineral and Coal Exploration Incentive Credit Information
Mineral Royalty Withholding Information
Miscellaneous Mines Net Proceeds Tax Information

Miscellaneous Mines Net Proceeds Tax
Miscellaneous Taxes and Fees


Mission Statement & Core Values
Mobile Home Property Assessment Information
Montana Code Annotated - Statewide
Montana Code Annotated - Title 15 Taxation
Montana Code Annotated - Title 16 Alcohol and Tobacco

Montana Code Annotated - Title 70 Property
Montana Code Annotated – Title 72 Estate, Trusts & Fiduciary Relationships
Montana State Fund Worker’s Compensation Insurance
Montana Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs)
Montana's Official State Website

Most Requested Forms

Multistate Tax Commission

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NAICS website

National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA)
Native American Income Tax Filers - Frequently Asked Questions
Natural Disaster Property Tax Reduction - Frequently Asked Questions
Natural Disaster Tax Relief & Assistance

Natural Gas and Oil Production Taxes
Natural Resource Tax Incentives
Natural Resource Taxes Overview

NCUVS Appraisal Standards
New / Expanded Industry Credit
New Business Start-Up Information
New or Expanding Industry Property Tax Exemptions
Nexus - Multistate Tax Commission
Non Profit Organization Search Tool (IRS)
North Dakota Reciprocity
North Dakota Reciprocity Exemption from Withholding Form
Northern Cheyenne Tribe / Montana Tobacco Tax Agreement
Nursery eStop License
Nursing Facility Bed Tax

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Off Premise Beer & Wine Brochure
Off Premise Beer & Wine eStop License
Off Premises Consumption License Information
Oil and Gas Quarterly Distribution Reports
Oil and Natural Gas Production Tax Information
Oilseed Crushing Facility Credit

On Premise Beer Brochure

On Premises Consumption Licenses - FAQs
Online Services
Online Services for Businesses
Online Services for Individuals
Owners of Unclaimed Property

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Partnership FAQs
Pay Individual Income Taxes Online
Payment Voucher for Individuals

Payment Voucher for Corporations

Payment Voucher for Estates and Trusts

Payment Voucher for Partnerships

Payment Voucher for Small Business Corporations
Pension Income FAQs
Personal Property Assessment Information

Power of Attorney - Confidentiality - FAQs

Power of Attorney (POA) Authorization to Disclose Tax Information

Power of Attorney (POA) Form - Electronic
Preparing Report for Unclaimed Property
Price Book, Product Updates & Classification - Liquor
Property Assessment - Appraisal Manual
Property Assessment - Mobile Homes
Property Assessment Approaches to Value
Property Assessment Cycle

Property Assessment Home Page
Property Assessment Notice Information

Property Assessment Notice Information - Personal Property

Property Assessment Notice Information - Real Property

Property Class 12 Tax Rate
Property Classifications
Property Database - Online Search
Property Reappraisal Assumptions - 2014

Property Reappraisal Estimates 2014 by County

Property Reappraisal Overview

Property Reappraisal Plan

Property Reappraisal Presentation 2014
Property Search via Cadastral Mapping Project (GIS)
Property Tax Appeal Process
Property Tax Assistance Program (PTAP)
Property Tax Billing and Collection
Property Tax Exemptions

Property Tax Relief

Property Tax, Commercial

Property Taxes in Montana
Property Values by County
Property Value Determination - Different Approaches Used
Public Contractor's Gross Receipts Tax
Public Service Regulation Fee

Purchase Price Report - Liquor

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Qualified Endowment Credit

Qualified Endowment Credit - Single Life Expectancy

Qualified Endowment Credit - 2 Life Expectancy

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Railcars and Taxes FAQs
Real Estate Sales Price Disclosure
Real Property Assessment Notices
Realty Transfer Certificate & Sale of MT Property

Realty Transfer Certificate Information

Reappraisal Manual
Reasonable Cause for Waiver of Penalty & Interest
Reciprocity FAQs
Recycle Credit

Recycle Deduction
Refund Status Online Request

Register Electronically for a Lodging Facility Account
Register Electronically for a Mineral Royalty Withholding Account
Register Electronically for a Rental Vehicle Account
Register Electronically for a Withholding Account
Register for a New Business Account Information
Remodeling or Expansion of Certain Property - Property Tax Exemption
Rental Vehicle Sales Tax Information
Reporting Suspected Tax Fraud
Request Tax-Related Records
Research and Development Firms Tax Exemption - Statute 42.23.113 MCA
Research and Development Firms Tax Exemption - Application Form
Resolving State Tax Liabilities: Multistate Voluntary Disclosures
Resort and Local Option Tax Info - MDT

Resort Liquor License Information

Resort Tax and Local Option Tax

Resort Tax Information
Resource Indemnity & Groundwater Assessment Tax (RIGWAT) Information

Responsibilities and Reporting for Unclaimed Property

Restaurant Beer and Wine Brochure

Restaurant Beer/Wine Licenses FAQs

Restaurant On-Premise Liquor License Information

Retail Food Establishment e-Stop License
Retail Telecommunications Excise Tax
Retirement Income FAQs
Revenue and Transportation Interim Committee

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S Corporations FAQs

Sale of Real Estate - Disclosure
Sale of Real Estate - Tax Liability
Sales of Liquor Licenses
Sales Tax

Sales Tax FAQs
Sales Tax on Internet Sales

Scales (Weighing Device) eStop License

Scam Alert
Search for Unclaimed Property at Missingmoney.com
Searchable Database of Properties
Secretary of State Business Services

Senior Citizens FAQs
Software Developer Information
Special Events Permits - FAQs

Special Events Permits Information
Special Permits Issued - Liquor
Starting a New Business Information

Starting a New Business Information (Small Business Administration)
State Fee for Per Capita Livestock
State of Montana E-Calendar
State Severance Tax 15-35-103 MCA

State Tax Appeal Board
State Website Home Page

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Tavern On-Premise Liquor License Information

Tax Appeal Process for Income Tax Returns
Tax Appeal Process for Property Taxes

Tax Appeals FAQs

Tax Appeals Reference Guide
Tax Assistance & Education for Individuals

Tax Certificate Request
Tax Credits - Adoption
Tax Credits - Alternative Energy Production
Tax Credits - Alternative Energy System
Tax Credits - Alternative Fuel Conversion

Tax Credits - Biodiesel/Biolubricant Production Facilities
Tax Credits - Biodiesel Blending & Storage

Tax Credits - Capital Gains
Tax Credits - College Contribution
Tax Credits - Contractor's Gross Receipts Tax
Tax Credits - Dependent Care Assistance

Tax Credits - Disability Insurance for Montanans
Tax Credits - Elderly Care
Tax Credits - Elderly Homeowner/Renter
Tax Credits - Empowerment Zone
Tax Credits - Energy Conservation Installation
Tax Credits – Energy Related Tax Relief
Tax Credits - Film Employment Production
Tax Credits - Film Qualified Expenditures
Tax Credits - Geothermal System
Tax Credits - Health Insurance for Uninsured Montanans
Tax Credits - Historical Property Preservation
Tax Credits - Increasing Research Activities
Tax Credits - Infrastructure Users Fee
Tax Credits - Insure Montana Small Business Health Insurance
Tax Credits - Mineral Exploration Incentive
Tax Credits - Natural Resource Tax Incentives

Tax Credits - New/Expanded Industry
Tax Credits - Oilseed Crushing & Biodiesel / Biolubricant Production Facility
Tax Credits - Qualified Endowment Contribution
Tax Credits - Recycling
Tax Credits - Emergency Lodging
Tax Exemptions for Property
Tax Exempt Organization Search Tool (IRS)

Tax Extension to File
Tax Fraud - Reporting Suspected Tax Fraud
Tax Incentives & Credits for Individuals
Tax Incentives for Business
Tax Preparation Assistance & Education

Tax Preparers & Practitioners
Tax Relief - Property Tax
Tax Relief for Natural Disaster Loss
Tax Software Vendors Approved
Tax-Exempt Entities 15-6-Part 2 MCA
TransAction Portal (TAP)

TransAction Portal (TAP) Tutorials
Taxpayer Bill of Rights
TDD Telecommunications Service Fee Information
Temporary Authority Log
Temporary Emergency Lodging Credit
Tips for Choosing a Tax Preparer
Title 16 Montana Code Annotated for Alcohol and Tobacco
Title 72 Montana Code Annotated – Estate, Trusts & Fiduciary Relationships
Tobacco Agreements
Tobacco & Cigarette Product Taxes and Licenses
Tobacco Products Information
Tobacco Retail and Wholesale eStop License
Transferring Montana Real Estate

Transferring Montana Real Estate RTC Information

Treasury Offset Program
Tribal Member Income Tax Filers - Frequently Asked Questions
Tribe/State Agreements

Trusts and Estates - 2013 Form FID-3 Changes

Trusts and Estates - Fiduciaries

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Unclaimed Property – Do We Have Money for You?
Unclaimed Property – Holders Reporting to the State
Unclaimed Property, Submitting Report - Frequently Asked Questions
Underground Storage Tanks eStop License
Unemployment Insurance Division

Universal System Benefit Program

Unlocking State Lands Credit

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Vacation Rentals - Lodging Facility Use and Sales Tax

Vacation Rentals - Public Accommodations - DPHHS

Value Added Manufacturing Property Tax Exemption

Vehicle & Gasoline Tax Incentives

Visit the Department of Revenue

Voluntary Disclosure Program

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)

Voucher - Corporation Tax Payments
Voucher - Estates & Trust Tax Payments

Voucher - Individual Tax Payments
Voucher - Partnership Tax Payments
Voucher - Small Business Corporation Tax Payments

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W-2 Annual Filing Requirements
W-2 Forms E-Filing
Wage Withholding Information

Wage Withholding Online Services
Waiver of Penalty and Interest - Reasonable Cause

Weighing Device License (Scales) - eStop Licensing

West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Prices
Where's My Refund

Wholesale Energy Transaction Tax
Wholesale Energy Transaction Tax Information

Wine and Beer Labels Approved

Wine distributor/Importer/Wholesaler FAQs

Wine Distributor/Importer/Wholesaler Returns to File
Wine Tax - Manage Accounts Online

Winery License Information

Winery Returns to File

Winery, Domestic FAQs

Winery, Foreign/Out of State FAQs

Withholding - Mineral Royalties

Withholding Filing and Payment Information

Withholding Tax FAQs
Withholding Tax Guide for Employers
Withholding Tax Tables
Work for the Department of Revenue
Worker’s Compensation Insurance - Montana State Fund

Write the Department of Revenue

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